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Strategic Monitoring

Exceptional Monitoring, Planning and Strategic Execution can eliminate the earliest signs of suspicious activity in real time.

Threat Intelligence

We use granular contextual information and data mining tools for highly accurate clues and evidence of data breach, i.e. Indication of Compromise (IOC).

Threat Hunting

Active Cyber Defense Activities are performed on a regular basis like Identifying, Assessing, Detecting and Isolating advanced threats that evade existing security solutions.

Incident Response

Harpy Cyber ensures high information protection level and handles cyber attacks or data breaches with minimal impact on business continuity Plan.


We believe continuous development, learning, correlation optimization, IOC updates, and knowledge in the latest detection technologies are a great Cyber Security Investment!

Forensic Investigation

Our Cyber Forensic Analysts are well equipped with analysis techniques and investigations to gather & preserve data evidence related to suspected malicious activity and cyber threats