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Can Your Security Keep Up With
The Speed of Rising Cyber Crimes?

Your IT Security Is Our Priority

Harpy cyber specializes in establishing secure and robust cyber security solutions for enterprises. Our guardians of information and technology protect the cyberspace by delivering customized & specialized products and services.

Welcome To Harpy Cyber

Why Choose Harpy Cyber As your Digital and
Cyber Security Transformation Partner?

Centralized Vision

Our Digital Information and Cyber Security experts visualize all your security events with clarity and preciseness to deliver cutting edge Cyber Security Services

Reliable & Accountable

You would always know which security solutions are working for you, the available choices and status updates of all actions - We follow a transparent work process.

Cyber Security Specialists

Our team of certified Cyber Security experts has experience in Strategic Monitoring, Analyzing and Executing Best-In-Class Technology And Cyber Security.

Improve your business with us !

Harpy Cyber Features

We are here to address all your Information Security concerns and help you build a better IT Infrastructure.
Everything you need from a single centralized Cyber Security Platform.

Strategic Monitoring

Exceptional Monitoring, Planning and Strategic Execution can eliminate the earliest signs of suspicious activity in real time.

Threat Intelligence

We use granular contextual information and data mining tools for highly accurate clues and evidence of data breach, i.e. Indication of Compromise (IOC).

Threat Hunting

Active Cyber Defense Activities are performed on a regular basis like Identifying, Assessing, Detecting and Isolating advanced threats that evade existing security solutions.

Incident Response

Harpy Cyber ensures high information protection level and handles cyber attacks or data breaches with minimal impact on business continuity Plan.


We believe continuous development, learning, correlation optimization, IOC updates, and knowledge in the latest detection technologies are a great Cyber Security Investment!

Forensic Investigation

Our Cyber Forensic Analysts are well equipped with analysis techniques and investigations to gather & preserve data evidence related to suspected malicious activity and cyber threats

Harpy Cyber Advantages

Step Into Your Digital Future with No Fear

We are a Leading Cyber Security Central Command Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) that works by integrating your entire Information with security by Strategic Proactive Threat Intelligence Monitoring and Vigorous Incident Response.

Simplifying Enterprise Cyber Security Chaos

Central Cyber Intelligence Solutions have refined cross-function detection of suspicious activity that leads to identifying exploitation of systems as well as the processes across an organization. It provides us the clarity needed to know what is important and what to do about it.


At Harpy Cyber, we always look for threats that are real and understand their severity. After proper analysis, we decide what to do about them, and once it’s fixed, we look out for all the necessary security assets required to keep it simplified, transparent and secure.


Cyber Security is generally very critical, complex and costly. Crisis management after a Cyberspace attack can cause a huge impact on enterprises and disrupt their business. Harpy Cyber keeps Cyber Security services as simple as possible with constant and complete clarity for even the most complex situations and help enterprises recover and take the right business decisions.

Online SOC

Harpy Cyber’s online SOC as a platform can give any company the world’s most advanced strategic monitoring, cyber analysis, and decision-making insights. This was previously only available to the influential and high budget security operation centers. However, now any business of any size can stay ahead of sophisticated hackers with the online SOC as a platform.

Efficiency and Precision

We have established our custom techniques that radically reduce investigation time into malicious attacks from days to hours, and minutes to instants. Our Cyber security Analysts enables security teams to block vulnerabilities before damage occurs and thus saves time as well as cost.

Smart Cyber

Shutting down all the down operations when a threat appears may seem easy, but results in losses as billing to production and customer service will stall. Only an experienced and highly qualified team of Cyber security experts can protect a company from data leaks, breaches, cyber security threats with minimal financial loss.

Harpy Cyber Benefits

Secure your IT Infrastructure with Harpy Cyber

We provide complete end-to-end solutions to all of your manual and automatic Cyber Security services. Get in touch with for a Digital Transformation journey.

In every 39 Seconds, a Cyber Attack occurs on the web.

Let us help you Prevent, Detect and Recover from Cyberspace Attacks.
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